Professional Societies Alliance for Life Science Education (PSALSE)

a bright spot for Vision and Change

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A New PSALSE Tip Sheet: Promoting the Alliance’s Success

vector-human-shape-with-social-icons_fJwFcmIuCollaborations among science membership organizations matter.

Be sure your members know that as a bright light for Vision & Change, PSALSE demonstrates ever-increasing collaborative powers and offers specific resources for enacting V&C priorities. Endorse PSALSE as one definitive outcome in your organization’s quest to collaborate. Try these easy ideas for sharing the good work of PSALSE with your members.




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What is PSALSE?

PSALSE is an alliance of professional societies in the life sciences working to improve undergraduate education. PSALSE particularly serves those societies promoting the call to action proposed in “Vision and Change in Undergraduate Biology Education (V&C).”

The purpose of PSALSE is to meet periodically to network, share ideas and resources, and discuss possible collaborations that emerge from our mutual interest to increase our collective impact. There are no plans to create an official PSALSE coalition or formal organization. PSALSE affiliates are expected to participate in group discussions via meetings (typically quarterly) and an online forum, and disseminate any pertinent information or suggestions from PSALSE to their individual communities. Participants may also take a more active, collaborative role if they so choose.