Professional Societies Alliance for Life Science Education (PSALSE)

a bright spot for Vision and Change


PSALSE participants collaborate to create resources and opportunities in support of life science education. They may also share what they have created independently to help other life science stakeholders reach new goals. Collaborations (as opposed to conversations) consist of shared goals, objectives and outcomes. Outcomes include but are not limited to a paper, joint statement, grant, workshop, video, social media campaign or curriculum materials.

Some successful collaborations catalyzed or supported by PSALSE include:

Acknowledging PSALSE
While not a formal or official coalition or organization, PSALSE should be given credit for specific projects that emerge as a result of collaborations that began with the alliance. Therefore, if a project grows from a PSALSE meeting or collaboration, please consider if and how it is appropriate to cite PSALSE. Options include: Inspired by PSALSE, PSALSE Affiliation, Disseminated via PSALSE, or including the PSALSE logo (coming soon).

Of Interest to the PSALSE Community


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