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Tips for Requesting Collaborators

Collaborating means putting feet to the ideals of PSALSE. Collaborations can form among member of  this alliance as well as with others in an alliance member’s network. Here’s an easy process to ask for and organize the help your project needs:

  1. Define the project concisely. A web page is nice, but all you really need is a project title, brief mission statement (your primary goal), intended audience/participant base, 1-3 measurable objectives, and a timeline (or at least some initial, time-stamped milestones).
  2. Collect emails for direct appeal to folks you know have an interest or expertise in your project’s main elements. Include the PSALSE listserv in your appeal.
  3. Optional:  Contact PSALSE web manager or Beth ( to create a blog post to introduce your collaboration and broadcast your appeal.
  4. Prepare a brief message that includes a project overview, a distinct invitation to participate and a specific method and deadline for responding to the invitation.
  5. Share your confirmed collaboration with the PSALSE community. Request via to have a posting on this site’s Collaborations page.