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An Invitation to Collaborate

PALM logoA recent collaboration involving PSALSE affiliates and others interested in Vision & Change has resulted in the Promoting Active Learning & Mentoring (PALM) Network Grant Program. This program is funded by NSF Research Coordination Network in Undergraduate Biology Education (RCN-UBE) incubator grant #1539870.

Now we will apply for a full, 5-year RCN-UBE grant; the deadline is 6 January. Please consider joining us as new co-PIs or steering committee members. Don’t be nervous! We are an efficient, cohesive team of the many-hands-make-light-the-work variety (whistling whilst working is optional).

To get involved in PALM, a program that provides wonderful professional development to your members or colleagues, please consider if you:

  1. Agree with the goals and logistics of the PALM program as noted on the website.
  2. Are available for periodic work now and through early January 2016 to offer timely comment and insight on the proposal in the editing phase.
  3. Can and also will identify someone in your organization to help monitor the PALM program.
  4. Will identify and help recruit potential mentors.
  5. Agree to advertise the program within your organization and related networks.
  6. Consider the option to direct some funds into a longer term, sustainable version of the program (post-grant; ~5 years from now).

We welcome any and all interest, including questions. To let us know you are interested, please complete this Google form, preferably by December 4. Preliminary questions to Beth Ruedi or me are fine, too.

Please note that there is an upper limit to the number of new partners we can accept (per NSF requirements). This means that those of you who say YES to most items on the checklist will be considered first.